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Your personal biography is often the cornerstone of any personal Web site. Writing a biography for the Internet can be different than what you would write on paper. Visitors to your site will likely want to find information quickly and easily. It is for this reason that your biography should be clear, concise, and to the point. It is often difficult for people to read through large blocks of text online. Eye fatigue and the ability to follow a line of text make it a challenge to hold the reader's attention online. It is recommended that you proofread your biography and remove any content that is not relevant to the purpose of your biography. You should consider the purpose of your biography. What are you trying to achieve with your biography? Is it meant to inform or entertain?

Some helpful tips for writing an online biography are:

  • Consider your audience. Who are you writing for?
  • Proofread your biography. Try to avoid large blocks of text.
  • Ask someone to read you biography and offer feedback
  • If you are writing a biography for professional reasons, you may want to include a personal mission statement at the beginning of your biography. A mission statement outlines your goals and personal qualities.